Jon Arroyo, a veteran in the bar and restaurant industry for over 25 years, and Clyde Davis Jr, his longtime friend and co-founder, came together to create the brand Amaro y Arroyo.

    Jon's passion for Amari grew after a transformative trip to Spain, where he discovered traditional tonic manufacturing and attended a workshop on making Spanish vermut. Inspired by the hospitality and homemade Amaro of a 3-generation vineyard owner, Jon's mission became clear - to create an approachable yet sophisticated Amaro.

    In 2023, Amaro y Arroyo earned Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Gold Medal from Beverage Testing Institute. Unique selling points include using Bourbon Mash Spirit as the base, two distinct botanical recipes, cold maceration in used Bourbon barrels, finishing in Virginia wine barrels with toasted chestnut wood, and sweetening with local Virginia honey, organic agave, and sugar cane.

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