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Birdie Brown Plain Hooch

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Brand: Henderson Spirits Group

Tipple Flavor Profile: Vivid Velvet Warm

Bottle Information
Size: 750 mL

Top: Grain
Base: Nutty sweetness
Finish: Bright & clean

Process: Birdie Brown Plain Hooch is an unaged whiskey gracefully distilled with care in small batches from oats, wheat and barley just like Birdie used to make during Prohibition. Distilled in her homesteading state of Montana, Plain Hooch honors not only Birdie, but all African Americans in distilled spirits history.

Story: Founded by former NBA player, Alan Henderson, Henderson Spirits Group's mission is to bring greater unity and celebration to the world of cocktails - and "Diversify the bar." In the quest to create a richer social landscape, Henderson Spirits Groups honors little-known African Americans who have made significant contributions to the world of spirits. Their achievements are celebrated by placing their names, faces and stories - front and center - on each and every bottle.