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Blackleaf Organic Vodka

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Brand: Passion Spirits

Tipple Flavor Profile: Bright + Silk + Cool

Bottle Information
Size: 750 ml

Finish: Silky Smooth

Process: Blackleaf begins with fine organic winter wheat, certified by the USDA National Organic Program as untouched by pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. The winter wheat is carefully distilled in an artisanal copper pot still, a process that evolves over five distinct stages.

Story: Blackleaf is the creation of Washington, DC resident, Kevin Larkai, who met Bertrand Laclie while vacationing in Cognac. Laclie heads Maison René Laclie, a family-owned distilling house first established in 1889. Five generations after the founding of Maison René Laclie, Kevin and Bertrand bonded over a shared passion for the creation of premium consumer experiences. Larkai explains, “I like to say Blackleaf was born in DC and made in France.”