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Connoisseur Membership


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For the ultimate connoisseurs of fine libations, our Connoisseur Membership offers an unparalleled experience. As a Connoisseur, you'll receive two full-sized bottles of premium Black-owned brands from your curated recommendation list every quarter, ensuring a continuous journey of taste discovery.

But that's not all – your experience begins with an exclusive welcome gift to set the stage for your membership. As you celebrate your member anniversary, anticipate a unique token of our appreciation. Plus, you'll enjoy the privilege of early access to new product releases and ticketed events, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in the beverages world. 

At Sip and Tipple, we believe in curating extraordinary experiences, and the Connoisseur Membership embodies the pinnacle of taste, access, and celebration. Cheers to your ongoing exploration of the finest flavors!

  • 2 Full-Size Bottles Per Quarter
  • Access to Exclusive Tastings & Online Courses
  • Welcome Gift
  • Rewards Points
  • Curated Recommendation List
  • Members-Only Pricing
  • Free Shipping
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What our customers say


I love the access to brands that I normally would not have the opportunity to try. Supporting Black owned brands is also very meaningful.

Mike R.
Connoisseur Membership

I love that my Sip+Tipple membership has introduced me to so many new Black-owned brands that I can't find in my local stores. My friends are so impressed with my bar!

Janet D.
Tastemaker Membership

Loved my Black History month cocktail class experience! Tracy was knowledgeable and experienced, and Kim was able to make sure basic information was clear so I could follow along. Also sent it as a gift to family in Indiana and they received their delivery on time and easily, and were able to watch the class on demand at their own pace. Will definitely take what I learned —methods and great brands!—for my future cocktails and looking forward to the next class!

Rob L.
Tastemaker Membership

"Sip + Tipple Presents: A Mixology Course in Black History" was a fantastic event that beautifully merged the art of mixology with the celebration of Black culture and history. It provided a platform to learn, appreciate, and support Black-owned brands while savoring delicious cocktails. I highly recommend this event to anyone who wants to expand their mixology skills, discover new flavors, and honor the contributions of Black individuals in the spirits industry.

Will D.
Connoisseur Membership

I had the pleasure of working with Sip + Tipple for a Black-owned Tequila Tasting as part of Love Your Tribe's "Viva la Kickback" celebration on Cinco de Mayo. It was an incredible experience that combined the joy of tequila tasting with a celebration of diversity and community.

Lisa K.
Tastemaker Membership

The tequila tasting itself was a delight for the senses. Kim was very knowledgeable about the brands and guided us through the tasting process, providing insights into the production methods, flavor profiles, and histories of the tequilas. The event provided an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, share stories, and appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind each tequila brand.

David T.
Connoisseur Membership

Discover Your Palate

The Tipple Flavor Profile Quiz will help you discover the spirits that truly resonate with your taste buds. We're not just about selling spirits; we're about helping you understand why you love what you love.

Curated Shopping

Say goodbye to overwhelming choices. We provide a personalized shopping list that aligns with your preferences, making your spirit selections easier and more enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning your journey, we've got you covered with carefully selected recommendations. Your next favorite bottle is just a click away.

Empowerment + Support

When you shop with Sip+Tipple, you're not just buying spirits; you're investing in a more inclusive and diverse spirits industry. We're proud to help you support multiple Black-owned brands with every purchase.

The Tastemaker Membership Includes

Partner Brands

Join a Community

Being part of our brand fosters a sense of belonging to a community of like minded individuals.

Joy of Discovery

Exploring our brands brings the joy of discovery, as you uncover unique tastes and stories that resonate with your soul.


By supporting Black-owned businesses through our brand, you experience the emotional reward of empowerment, knowing your choices contribute to economic equity and positive change.